Ken Mayhem (kenmayhem) wrote,
Ken Mayhem

settle for senator

politicians are pawns. we vote them into office where they walk on eggshells, play by the party rules, and collect fat checks, rarely making any change for the better. while the checks might be meager for some because they are already rich business men, the job offers them a delusion of power. prestige they feel as others kiss thier asses. they are just scared and insecure, they need to feel powerful.

artists change the world. the designers who invented stylish looks in fasion that are now popular and now everyone wears it. they created the way people look and as you look around in public, you see thier vision. the guy who created the square with a triangle on top house. thats what all houses look like now. if houses were domes in florida all of them would still be standing now because domes are aerodynamic and wind wont do shit to them. but some designer came up with a stylish thing.squares with triangles on top. everyone loved it. he changed the world. everyone knows i love the bendy straw guy. he changed the world.

kids dont grow up saying they want to be a politician. they settle for senator.
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