Ken Mayhem (kenmayhem) wrote,
Ken Mayhem

the war.

the debate on the war seems to be a toss-up. half of america is for it, half of america hates it.

the side that is for it says that we are protecting ourselves. ridding the world of bad guys. taking evil fat-heads out of power. restoring freedom! they probably had nuclear weapons, and if they didn't well..... they were scumbags anyways. and yea they have peace!(HA) and freedom!(HA HA!)

the side that is against it says that iraq had nothin to do with 911, no nukes, so what in the hell did they do to us anyways. and we are not making america any safer by making more terrorist looneys mad at us.

you wanna know what i say!? may the ken SPEAK!? i say you don't go to war when its 50/50. you dont fucking go to war when MAAAAYBE POOOOOSIBLY sombodys got nukes. that is fucking coward bullshit. you dont GO TO WAR because you dont agree with somones polotics. you only go to war when its clear cut, when its 100%, when everybody agrees that mutha-fuckas have got to die for their actions. WHAT THE FUCK DID IRAQ DO? YOU DON'T GIVE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR STEALING ORANGES!!!!! MUTHER FUCK!

anybody remember WW2? do you think there were any protests for that war??? practically the entire civilized world participated in that war. cause that was a REAL WAR. why do you think other countries didnt help us in iraq? CAUSE ITS FUCKIN STUPID. our president is a moron and if his dad wasnt smart and rich and powerful george w. would be the manager at burger king.

you can say sadam is a bad bad man cause he used chemical weapons like 20 years ago, but you can also say american is the worst country on earth cause we wiped out 2 major cities full of innocents 60 years ago. there are two sides to everything and you shouldnt just blow people up based on assumptions and mistakes and miscommunications.
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